Business Analysis

We work with our customers very early in the porject cycle to ensure that relevant stakeholders benefits are clearly documented as requirements.  Our business analysts are experienced analysts with proven agile experiences.  

Solutionersnet will employ a comprehensive analysis process where the focus will be on detailed users need and ba processrelevant stakeholders' benefits.

 Whether it's a complete project from initiation to implementation and business analysis is a sub-set of the project or assisting your business with only business analysis, we will provide a comprehensive analysis process.

Our analysts will ensure that there is full orientation of the business needs to adequately assess the business objectives.

The definition of a complete and clear scope statement will be completed so that each defined requirements can be mapped to the scope.

This will ensure that clear traceability can be provided as a necessary deliverable.  Our customers deserve to have clarity of the implemented solution  and this requires full traceability from scope to requirements, design, development, and testing.



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